Rise & The Avid Record Collector

risencdMost know RISE for his ill punchlines and comical word play. Hailing from Brooklyn NY and a member of the famed Demi-Godz crew, Rise has brought you classics like “The Wickedest Flow”, “Do You Know Him”, “Memories”, “BKNY” and “Evolution” to name a few.

The Avid Record Collector has been on turntables since 1988. He has created classics for Louis Logic “The Ugly Truth” and “Best Friends”. He produced a Full Length album with his now defunked group “The Odd Couple” called “Alcohol/Ism” and Produced a full length album with his partner and long time friend, Born Talent, titled “The Essence”.

Rise and The Avid Record Collector have now joined forces to bring you the new album “Risen”. The album is a mix of the classic Hip Hop sound with a touch of today and the future. The album features guest appearances by Masta Ace, Wordworth, Born Talent, Celph Titled, Jay Love, Poison Pen, Substanial & BK Cyph.



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