THE OLDEST YOUNGAN presents Follow No leader

” Deep in the hearts of men lay an undying spirit of strong will that cannot be faded by even the most brutal force “. O.Y. The Oldest Youngan is more than a name. It is a lifestyle that imitates nothing, but is a reflection of everything. After years of working on his craft, O.Y. is finally at a point where he can demand to be listened to. With his music catered to anyone with a sense of reality, his words would create the soundtrack to the lives that we live. His delivery alone puts him in a distinguished class of MC that is very rare in today’s over saturation of, simply put, less talented peers. To find a match lyrically, you would have to ghost hunt, no disrespect to the dead. O.Y.’s forward thinking has kept his song making ability very sharp and his flow is powerful enough to impact a whole generation of hip hop culture. With several classic albums under his belt like More Than Music, and The Good Shepherd, his next album tentatively titled Follow No Leader should put him in a space that a true artist would be proud of. Labels only have a matter of time before The Oldest Youngan becomes his own machine.

Download one of the tarcks off the album here



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