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Banksy in LA

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With the premiere of his documentary, “Exit Through The Gift Shop”, in LA, Banksy’s work has been seen popping up across The City of Angels.  With two sightings already reported, I am sure we can expect so more love from this unique British street artist.  Check back for updates.

-Harold J. Binge

banksy parking los angeles la Banksy in Los Angeles Parking


Saber on MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan Show

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DAIM – 3D Best Artist

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Graffiti Profiles: JA ONE Getting up

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Straight up all city king. Much respect!

Poster Boy, Artist + Vigilante :: Friends We Love Profile

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Limited to the subway adds at any given station, NYC’s most controversial artist Poster Boy, cuts, splices and reworks these images into pieces of free public art full of social commentary and humor for commuters to enjoy.


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scribblejam_logoScribble Jam, the long running hip-hop festival that was arguably the most grounded, pure and true festival in existence, will apparently be no more. According to a post on their myspace blog, they just couldn’t make it happen this year. It remains to be seen wether we will see Scribble Jam re-emerge, but for now, it’s a wrap. You can get more info on Scribble Jam on their site.



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Image via Cope2

Randy Kennedy has written a piece for The New York Times, recounting the blow by blow from last weeks’ graffiti – Vandal Squad showdown at powerHouse Arena. The panel discussion featured former top officers of New York City’s Transit Police and writers Cope2, KET and street artist Ellis G. The event coincided with powerHouse’s release of “Vandal Squad: Inside the New York City Transit Police Department, 1984-2004.”

Best Excerpt :
the evening wound down, attention was drawn to the fact that along with all the other people videotaping the event, there were some large men stationed across from the front door of the bookstore, taping it for themselves: current members of the police’s anti-vandalism unit. Mr. Maridueña [KET] called it a waste of taxpayers’ money and asked why it was happening.

“Do you fish?” Mr. Mona asked him.

“Do I fish?” Mr. Maridueña said. “I don’t fish.”

Mr. Mona said, “I don’t either, but I’ve been told fishermen go where the good fish are.” He added, “There’s probably someone here tonight with a warrant.”

Hmm. Do you think Mona read KET’s blog post prior to the event?: “Here is the information if anyone wants to come down (rsvp). Those of you with warrants might want to skip this one.”

Full article here. COPE has put up some images from the event here.